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Our team is full of dedicated consultants who have extensive experience recruiting for veterinary jobs

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Online Platform

You can opt in to our service that allows clients to access your details, which means that they can immediately contact you regarding new roles

Tailored Service

Personalised vet jobs UK recruitment service tailored to your requirements and experience

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Extensive Roles

Langhill VPP recruits for an extensive selection of roles, covering all disciplines which means that it has never been easier to find your perfect veterinary job

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Long term relationships with both independent and larger practice groups throughout the UK

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CV Advice

Advice from our experienced veterinary recruitment professionals on creating the perfect CV and succeeding at interviews


We will always give honest and constructive interview feedback to improve your chance of finding veterinary jobs that are right for you

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Advanced Search

Our advanced search tool enables you to be specific with your vet jobs UK search, tailoring it to your needs including; Veterinary Surgeon, Veterinary Nurse, ECC Vet, Saturday Vet, Orthopaedic Specialist Vet, Locum Vet, Veterinary Clinical Director and many more!

24/7 Job Search!

Clients can upload new roles on our online portal at any time giving you the hottest, most up to date veterinary jobs near you!

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Remuneration package negotiation with potential job offers


We promise to treat your personal details with absolute confidentiality and the utmost respect inline with GDPR Data Protection

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